Google Cardboard is cheap and, relatively, easy virtual reality.  With all the talk about the intersection of VR and journalism, at the moment there are only nine Google cardboard journalism pieces. The rest are games, sponsored content, travel, tours or art.

  1. Frontline: Ebola Outbreak is a stand-alone VR app that investigates West Africa’s worst Ebola outbreak ever.
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    2. Google Play 
  1. The New York Times NYTVR app has four VR news stories as well as sponsored content and a fun one with flying Oscar Award winners:
    1. The Contenders follows four US presidential election candidates through their election rallies
    2. The Displaced follows three (out of 30 million) children driven from their homes by war.
    3. Walking New York shows the installation of a large street art project.
    4. Vigils in Paris is footage of candlelight vigils in Paris after last year’s Paris attacks.
  1. Vrse is a VR company that teams up with news organizations (such as the NYT and Vice) and also makes non-news VR, such as one where you move through an insane asylum tied to a wheelchair.
    1. The History of Cuban Dance – self explanatory
    2. Waves of Grace is the story of an Ebola survivor in Liberia.
    3. Clouds Over Sidra is the story of a 12 year old girl in a Syrian refugee camp.
    4. Millions March is first VR news broadcast by Vice News covering the Millions March in New York City.
  1. War of Words isn’t news, but it’s made by the BBC and it’s pretty, so I’m including it. Go back to WWI in 1916 with poetry.
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    2. Google play